Why Brij

Learning Chinese Has Always Been Confusing

A sea of information to ingest, no connection between what you've learned and how you would apply the language, leading to no real sense of progress


It Doesn't Have to Be that Way

The Brij experience is a reimagined Chinese learning experience:

Immediately apply what you've learned in real conversations and games, get context and guidance from native speakers. Brij guides your child to use their skills in our structured Talking Parties while having their progress tracked on our proprietary platform

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  • "Under the right circumstances, producing language is an incredibly strong learning experience when the production (speaking) involves generating the language yourself and you are provided with feedback"

    Association for Psychological Science

  • "Social interaction is more effective for children to learn elements of language."

    Harvard University - Center on the Developing Child

  • "In the Second Language classroom, learners should receive training on how to effectively participate in collaborative dialogue"

    International Journal of Educational Research

Join the Brij Conversation Community to Master Speaking Chinese

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    All the Support Your Kids Need to Build Confidence to Start Speaking, At Whichever Level: Curriculum for Starter to Advanced Levels

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    Your Kids Will Finally Understand What They’re Learning in School: Pick Up Vocab, Grammar & Pin Yin Based on Global HSK Standards

    HSK, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or the Chinese Proficiency Test is an international standardized exam which tests Chinese language proficiency. At least HSK level 4 is required to enter Chinese universities ~4,000 characters and vocabulary

    Learn vocab, grammar and pinyin in every talking party, by playing language games in our Brij software.

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    Learn the Social Way: Where Your Kids can Keep Practising by Having Everyday Conversations 2x A Week. No More Memorisation

    Practising having conversations with others gives both language and cultural context. Instead of memorising hundreds of vocabulary, it is easier to pick them up and applying directly in everyday conversations, together with the necessary grammar structure. Through these conversations, you get cultural context to communicate confidently in Chinese

A Message from the Founders:
Shelie & Rainer

Dear Parent(s),

The ultimate goal of learning a language is to communicate with others. When speaking the same language, we can connect and understand with each other better.

So many kids can't speak Chinese, because they don't get to practise speaking in their daily lives. Learning the language in the classroom alone does not help kids to speak it.

Growing up, we faced the same issues. Our goal is to help kids master speaking Chinese through their interests, while guided by our curriculum. We want kids to not only be able to speak, but to have fun and build friendships, one conversation after another.

Join us to build Brij together!

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