Brij Talking Parties

Talk your way to everyday fluent Chinese. Anxiety-free

(For Ages 7 and above)

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Hi! We built Brij Talking Parties for all second language learners who just want to have real conversations in Chinese with real people - minus all the anxiety and stress.

As second language learners, learning Chinese can feel painful and confusing.

We just want to connect with other Chinese speakers and express ourselves fully.

We don't have the opportunities to practise speaking in our daily lives. 

It feels impossible to make sense of the vocabulary and grammar we've been trying to memorise, let alone string together in a full sentence.

We just want to enjoy learning Chinese, talking about topics we're interested in, with friends who share the same interests.

At the end of the day, our common goal is to become confident Chinese speakers, so we can connect with each other.

Connect to Opportunities
Connect to Family
Connect to Identity

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The Friendly Space to Master Speaking Chinese with Everyday Conversations

Brij Talking Parties

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